Frequently Asked Questions

Smog Free Clark County

What is the Smog Free Clark County Pilot Program?

Clark County Implemented a program called Smog Free Clark County (SFCC) that offers eligible consumers repair assistance to help improve Clark County air quality by reducing motor vehicle emissions.

What does the repair assistance option offer?

The SFCC repair assistance option offers income-eligible consumers assistance toward emissions-related repairs at a 2G test-and-repair station if their vehicle fails its Smog Check inspection.

  • Owners of model year 1968-1999 vehicles or classic rod plate vehicles may receive up to $975 in emissions-related repairs.

What are emissions-related repairs?

Emissions-related repairs correct problems contributing to a vehicle’s failure to pass a Smog Check inspection.

Eligibility Requirements
  • Live in a Clark County zip code which requires a smog test
  • Meet income requirements (275% FPL or proof of enrollment in NV assistance program)
  • Failed Smog Certificate (within 12 months)
  • Provide one of the following vehicle proof of ownership
      • Registration
      • Registration Renewal Notice
      • Vehicle Title
  • Provide ID
How to Apply

How do I apply for repair assistance?

To apply for repair assistance, complete the following steps:

  • Step 1: Review your eligibility requirements – Please review all eligibility requirements prior to applying. You must meet all requirements to be eligible for repair assistance. SFCC is unable to determine your eligibility until your application is submitted and processed.
  • Step 2: Apply online – After you submit your online application, a confirmation notice will be sent to you via email.

NOTE: You will be required to submit income documents verifying your income before your application can be processed. Example: Pay stubs, Social Security Letter, Unemployment letter or if you are already enrolled in any NV assistance program such as the following.

  • SNAP (130% FPL or $36,000/year for a household of 4)
  • TANF-NEON (130% FPL or $36,000/year for a household of 4)
  • EAP/WSAP (150% FPL or $41,625/year for a household of 4)
  • TANF-NN Caretaker (275% FPL or $76,313/year for a household of 4)
  • Medicaid (122% – 205% FPL or $55,500/year for a household of 4)
  • Childcare Program (85% of state median income or $52,700/year for a household of 4)

Can I apply by mail instead of applying online?

If you are unable to apply online, you may call SFCC at (702) 805-5882 to request a program representative to help you apply by phone. Please note, applying online may result in faster processing.

Should I submit documents verifying my household income with my application?

Yes, you need to submit income verification documents, registration and ID or DL

How can I check the status of my application?

Call our SFCC representatives at (702) 805-5882

Application Review and Processing

I submitted my application, what can I expect?

Within five business days of SFCC receiving your application, the application and all supporting documentation will be reviewed to verify it is complete. To complete your application, you may be required to provide additional documentation or information.

If additional information and/or documentation is required to complete my application, how will I be notified?

If your application is incomplete, a notice of deficiency will be texted and e-mailed to you. Additionally, a SFCC representative will contact you to the number you provided to request any missing documentation. The notice will identify the information and/or documentation you are required to submit before your application is considered complete and can be processed.

What is the most common reason an application is determined to be incomplete/deficient?

Your application may be considered incomplete until you provide acceptable documentation verifying your household income. NOTE: SFCC cannot determine program eligibility until income is verified.

How long does it take to process an application and determine eligibility?

Within five business days of receiving your complete application, SFCC will review the application and all supporting documentation to determine eligibility.




If my application is denied, how will I be notified?

If your application is denied, a notice of ineligibility will be e-mailed and texted to you. Additionally, you will receive a call from our representatives explaining the denial of your application.

This notice will include all eligibility requirements that were not met.

What are the most common reasons an application is denied?

  • Vehicle has not failed its Smog Check inspection – SFCC will review records to verify the vehicle failed its Smog Check inspection for one of the following reasons: Fail (F); Smoking vehicle.
  • Vehicle owner or co-owner’s income exceeds 275% of the federal poverty guidelines – SFCC will review the gross household income provided on the application along with the applicant’s income verification documentation to verify the gross household income does not exceed income eligibility guidelines.
  • Applicant is not the registered owner of the vehicle with a registration or title issued in their name – The name on the application must match the name on the applicant’s driver license, vehicle registration, and any required income documentation. Any variations in a name may cause the application to be denied.



If my application is denied and I resolve the denial reason(s), do I have to re-apply?

Yes. For re-evaluation purposes documentation must be submitted within 30 days from the date of your notice of ineligibility, as participation is limited to the availability of funds each month.

If I submit documentation for re-evaluation purposes, how long does it take SFCC to review the documentation and re-evaluate eligibility?

SFCC typically reviews documentation submitted for re-evaluation purposes within five business days of receipt. Upon completion of the review, an updated determination notice will be sent by e-mail or text.

If my application is approved, how will I be notified?

If your application is approved, a Repair Voucher will be e-mail, text and you will receive a call.

Repairing Your Vehicle

Where do I take my vehicle for repairs?

After you receive your repair voucher indicating your application is approved, take your vehicle to a 2G test-and-repair station authorized to perform SFCC repairs. To find a station, call (702) 805-5882.

NOTE: Do not take your vehicle to a non-approved test-and-repair station for SFCC repairs. SFCC is only authorized to reimburse participating 2G test-and-repair stations that have entered into an agreement with Clark County to perform SFCC repairs. SFCC will not reimburse consumers.

Can I designate another person to take my vehicle to the 2G test-and-repair station?

Yes, the registered vehicle owner(s) may designate another person to take their vehicle to the 2G test-and-repair station and authorize the repairs. The designee is required to provide the 2G test-and-repair station the following:

  • A valid photo identification.
  • A letter completed by the registered vehicle owner(s).
  • A copy of the registered vehicle owner’s valid photo identification.

Is there a deadline for repairing my vehicle?

Yes, repairs must begin on or before the expiration date indicated on your repair voucher of eligibility.

I’m unable to take my vehicle for repairs before the expiration date indicated on my letter of eligibility. Can I still participate?

If the repairs do not begin on or before the expiration date, you will need to reapply for repair assistance. Participation is based on meeting eligibility requirements at the time of reapplication and the availability of funds each month.

What costs am I responsible for paying?

You must pay the 2G test-and repair station any amount that exceeds the approved total value of the repair voucher towards the total diagnosis and emission-related repairs.

NOTE: You are responsible for paying any additional costs, including:

  • The cost of repairs not authorized through SFCC.
  • The cost of repairs not related to the Smog Check inspection failure.

The repair assistance contribution does not cover the total cost to repair my vehicle. What are my options?

If the total cost of emissions-related repairs exceeds the maximum repair assistance contribution, you may:

  • Continue with the repair process and pay for additional repair costs yourself.
  • Call the NV DMV Emissions Lab at (702) 486-4981 for information about a one-time repair cost waiver.
    Click here for more information.

    The vehicle must be repaired by an Authorized 2G Station to be eligible for a waiver. The waiver application must include receipts from the station showing that at least $450 has been spent on parts and labor other than a catalytic converter, fuel inlet restrictor, air injection system, data link connector, or an inoperative Check Engine light. Repairs evidenced by the receipt must be directly related to the deficiency in emissions. Emission test fees are excluded from the waiver expenditures. If the vehicle is not repaired at an authorized 2G station, it will not be eligible for a waiver, regardless of the cost incurred. Vehicles failing for visible smoke are not eligible for a waiver.

Will SFCC reimburse me for repairs performed on my vehicle before my application was approved?

No, SFCC will not reimburse consumers.

Why did the 2G test-and-repair station require an additional Smog Check inspection before performing SFCC repairs on my vehicle?

Participating 2G test-and-repair stations are responsible for verifying and documenting the current condition of a vehicle. The station must perform an additional Smog Check inspection to determine the vehicle’s current condition as it relates to the emissions failure prior to recommending or performing SFCC repairs.

Can a 2G test-and-repair station decline to work on my vehicle?

Yes, 2G test-and-repair stations have the discretion to not accept vehicles for any of the following reasons:

  • The vehicle is inaccessible, unsafe, or untestable.
  • The station does not have the expertise to diagnose and repair your specific vehicle.
  • The consumer is uncooperative or unwilling to work within SFCC guidelines.

The 2G test-and-repair station is uncooperative or unwilling to work within SFCC guidelines. What can I do?

If you encounter issues with a station, you may call SFCC at (702) 805-5882

 What emissions-related repairs are covered by SFCC?

A vehicle can fail a Smog Check inspection for a variety of reasons. SFCC will only reimburse a 2G test-and-repair station for emissions-related repairs necessary to correct Smog Check inspection failure(s) identified on the Vehicle Inspection Report.

The general categories for emissions-related repairs covered by SFCC, include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Positive crankcase ventilation systems
  • Exhaust gas recirculation systems
  • Evaporative emissions control systems
  • Computer systems
  • Ignition systems
  • Fuel systems
  • Engine and mechanical systems related to emissions performance
  • Exhaust emissions control systems

What repairs are not covered by SFCC?

SFCC does not provide repair assistance for repairs or maintenance services that are not related to a vehicle’s Smog Check inspection failure. Repairs and maintenance services not covered by SFCC include, but are not limited to:

  • Body repairs
  • Brakes
  • Fuel
  • Glass repairs
  • Heating ventilation and air conditioning repairs
  • Mufflers
  • Oil and fluid top-offs
  • Oil treatments
  • Radiators
  • Repairs performed after the vehicle is certified
  • Repairs performed without the consumer’s authorization
  • Safety-related equipment (e.g., air bags, seat belts)
  • Suspension
  • Tailpipes
  • Tires
  • Transmission flushes
  • Water pumps