Program Overview

Smog Free Clark County (SFCC) is a non-profit pilot program seeking to help reduce emissions in Clark County. Its inception was in response to the change in Nevada State law raising the requirements on classic vehicles, classic rod, and old-timer license plates. SFCC offers eligible consumers vehicle repair assistance to help improve Clark County’s air quality by reducing motor vehicle emissions. The owners of model year 1968-1999 vehicles or classic rod plate vehicles may receive up to $975 in emissions-related repairs. SFCC has been able to provide repair assistance to low-income families who otherwise could not re-register their vehicles due to smog check failures.


Originally, classic license plates required owners to prove vehicles were at least 25 years old and driven less than 5,000 miles a year, granting them an exception from periodic smog inspections. Because of the lax standards, many people took advantage of the program, qualifying vehicles intended for other purposes other than showing at car shows. The state legislature took notice and added a classic vehicle insurance requirement to ensure that the policy primarily serves the historic preservation of classic vehicles. This was done back in 2021 through bill AB349. This also meant thousands of vehicles would need to renew their registration and pass smog tests again. Clark County, seeing the consequences of this policy change, stepped in to help transition vehicle owners back into regular registration by providing residents with financial assistance through our program.

Meet Our Team
Jason Haden
Tania Sosa
Pedro Ramirez
Lisa Diaz
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